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All About Steve the Computer Guy's Service

Steve the Computer Guy provides a quality, in-home computer repair service in and around the Oldmeldrum area, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and beyond. Many computer repair companies are now refusing to carry out home visits and whether that is because of costs or they just can't be bothered, its just not good enough! I want to redress this lack of service and shortcoming in care by providing a quality computer repair service at YOUR convenience and wherever possible, in your own home.

No longer will you have to cart your PC all the way into town, then wait days and days to get it back, subjecting yourself to barely believable excuses as to why its not finished yet. Now you can get to see exactly how its fixed, and get friendly, helpful advice to try to ensure the problems don't arise again.

If all this sounds expensive then let me reassure you, you will be spending just about the same sort of prices all the other places where you have to take your computer in and keep it for days at a time, except you're going to have your PC fixed on the spot and without having to move it!

So with Steve the Computer Guy, you're going to get good old-fashioned personal service from a guy with 20 years experience, in the comfort of your own home, at your own convenience, at a very reasonable price. If you've got any questions then you can call, text or email me at the details you can find on the contact page.

See you soon!