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How I Can Help You with Hassle Free Computer Fixes

Is this familiar to you? Having to humph an awkward, heavy PC to the nearest computer repair shop, sometimes on the bus, inevitably in the rain, only to have to wait about a week (or more) to have it eventually repaired and have to go through the same tedious process all over again to get it back home?

Not to mention having to plug everything back in only to find that something's not quite right, involving a difficult phone call back to the shop to find out what the problem is. Don't you wish you could just get someone to come round and do it all for you?

THIS could be you instead. Having a lovely cuppa and putting your feet up with your nice comfy slippers on, whilst I deal with that awkward PC problem that's been driving you nuts.

I can get the PC fixed, for the most part, on that day, and if that's not possible then I can take it away, fix it, and return it the next day. Either way you'll never have to leave the house or be without you PC for very long.

I'm at the end of a phone line if you have any questions or advice, even if they're not about the repair itself.

You phone me, I come round when its convenient for you, I fix it, it's done. Its really is that simple!