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Steve's Photo Restoration

If you have an old, creased, discoloured or otherwise knackered photo, let me have at it and restore it to its former glory. I can also remove unwanted objects (or people) from photos. I can work from the original photo, or you can supply me with a (hi-res) scan and we can do it via e-mail. £20.00 per photo (digital), prints extra depending on size and amount.

Here's one example of one done for a client recently. Photos, especially old ones, suffer badly when they're folded. Bits crack off and leave ugly empty spaces in their place. The same goes for creases. I can seamlessly fill in these gaps and remove the damage.

In this image, an entire portion of the photograph was missing. Material from other photos given to me by the client provided me with the source material I needed to fill in the gap and restore the picture.

It isn't just old pictures either. Any picture that only exists as a print and has had a bit of a hard time can be polished up and fit for a new frame.

Prices start at £20.00 per photo for the picture to be restored and returned in digital format (via email or on a disc) with prints available on request (price depends on quantity and size)

If you don't want to part with your precious photos for the duration of the restoration, then how about scanning it yourself and emailing it to me?

Just make sure to scan it in at 200 dpi or higher to ensure its at a workable resolution.

Hope to here from you soon!