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Rough Guide to Prices

Remember these prices are for In Home repairs and services!

Virus and Malware Removal - from £70.00

A course of antibiotics for your PC

This service will completely eradicate all infections, viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and rootkits. Once its decided (by mutual agreement) that this is the best course of action, the price I quote you is the price you pay, no matter how long it takes. There's no hidden extras because it was "difficult", and this way only the infections are removed. All of your files and programs stay as they were for your convenience.

Full Service, Clean and Tune - £70.00

A 10,000 mile check up

When you PC is running slowly, feeling sluggish, behaving weirdly and generally just not as fit as it once was, then its time for a service. This service includes all of the checks from the virus removal service, plus the removal of temporary files and other junk that clutters up your computer, removing programs that you either don't use anymore, or you just don't know how they got there, defragmenting the hard drive and other routines which will ensure your computer is running as fast as it ever could. This also includes a physical clean, inside and out!

Full Format and Reinstall - £80.00

When its time to start over

Sometimes things have got so bad that there's no option but to wipe your PC clean and start again. Perhaps a virus has caused damage to Windows, or perhaps Windows is having a bit of a hissy fit, either way there's no need to panic. Steve the Computer Guy can reinstall whichever version of Windows you're using, source and install all the drivers so everything works properly, wherever possible reinstall your programs and printers and save all your pictures, music, videos and documents (putting them back when its finished of course!). Again, this is a fixed price and it doesn't depend on how long it takes, or how much data there is or any other excuse for increasing the price (which some companies use), once we've decided this is the way to go, that's the price you pay and no more!

Data Recovery - from £60.00

I can get your wedding photos back before your spouse finds out!

If your laptop or desktop has died and you need all your stuff from it, or you've deleted something by mistake, perhaps a virus has screwed up your system and you can't find your photos any more, or all your university work has disappeared, give me a call and most of the time I can recovery most, if not all of your stuff. . I say "most" of the time as data recovery is a very broad term and can cover anything from lost photos to a hard drive that's been submerged for a fortnight in the bath. Give me a call and we can discuss your issue and give you the best advice to suit your needs

I deal with the lower end of the scale, where a drive has a slight fault, a hard drive is trapped in a dead computer, data has gone missing and so on. If you have something on the more specialist end, then give someone like MJM Data Recovery in Cambridgeshire a call. Please be aware that data recovery at that end can get ridiculously expensive and so it is all the better to go straight to someone like this online rather than go local as 90% of the time the local guys outsource those jobs anyway!

PC and Laptop Disposal - £10.00

Safe disposal of your dearly departed PC

When you need to dispose of your PC, you need to make sure it is disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound way, as well as making sure no-one can get their hands on any data lurking within. The price covers disposal of the PC or laptop in question and the removal of the hard drive for either saving or safe destruction. Please see above for data recovery options.