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Steve the Computer Guy - Services

Here's a sample of some of the services I can provide

Virus & Malware Removal

Wipe away lingering infections

If your PC is running sluggishly, or acting oddly in any way, you've probably got yourself infected with something. No need to panic just yet! Most infections are pretty innocuous and only serve to slow you down and get in the way. There are some nasty ones out there though, but either way I can get those wiped out for you and have your PC back on its feet in no time.

Overheating & Speed Issues

Stop those fans sounding like they're about to take off!

If there's one thing that PCs and Laptops seem to love to do, its attract dust. It seems like as soon as you switch it on, every little bit of dust goes marching towards your PC, hellbent on setting up home in your fans and heatsinks and wreaking havoc with your cooling. I can get all of that sorted out ; removing dust, re-applying heatpaste, clearing vents, and also checking out what your system is being tasked to do, it may be over-worked!

Wipe & Reinstall

Time for a spring clean, or maybe a new start

Sometimes your poor old computer gets itself in such a mess there's no amount of tweaking and twiddling will ever bring it back. That's when its time to save all of your stuff (all your photos, music and documents etc) and reinstall the whole lot from scratch. Sounds daunting? That's what I'm here for. I'll take all of the pain out of it as far as possible, reinstalling whichever version of Windows you have, finding all of the relevant drivers to make everything work properly and putting it back to just how you want it.

Laptop Screen & Hinge Repair

Whether is was an accident or laptop murder, its probably sortable

If your laptop screen looks like there's an ink blot on it or its displaying psychedelic patterns or its just not coming on at all then it needs to be replaced. I can source the original part and have it replaced for you without it ever having to leave your house.

Hinges can be replaced too. Many laptops' hinges a fairly flimsy and can break quite easily. I can replace hinges and even when necessary carry out more complex structural repairs.

Data Recovery

Those stories that start "I was just about to back everything up when..."

If your data has inexplicably disappeared, your laptop's stopped working and you need to get at the files or you deleted something you shouldn't, I can get some, if not all of the data back. Camera cards too! There's a very rough price guide in the Rough Price Guide section.

If the drive is heavily physically damaged, water damaged or you're using a RAID array then you may want to solicit the services of a specialist online such as MJM Data Recovery in Cambridgeshire. Be aware that it can get rather expensive, though not as expensive as if you use someone locally, 90% of the time they're outsourcing it to one of these companies anyway, so why not do your wallet a favour and cut out the middleman.

Computer Building Service

When you want it "just so"

If you want a custom PC, you know what you want in it but you're not so confident when it comes to building it then Steve the Computer Guy can help. I can either be a guiding hand helping you to do the best job you can, or I can build the whole thing for you. I can even be there for the whole project start to finish, advising on buying parts all the way to booting into Windows and starting up your first game. Call, text or e-mail and we can discuss the details.

PC and Laptop Disposal

Safe and Responsible disposal of your dead computer

When it really is the end of the line for your computer, you want to be sure that its disposed of safely to make sure the environment is kept safe and so are all of your personal details. Leave it in my hands and I can assure you of both.

Photo Restoration

Bringing Your Past Back to Life

If you have an old, creased, discoloured or otherwise knackered photo, let me have at it and restore it to its former glory. I can also remove unwanted objects (or people) from photos. I can work from the original photo, or you can supply me with a (hi-res) scan and we can do it via e-mail. £20.00 per photo (digital), prints extra depending on size and amount. Click here for more